On this blog you will find floral inspiration for your wedding flowers, styling tips and ideas on how to plan bespoke florals with your florist.


One of the most exquisite aspects of wedding planning is deciding on the flowers and foliage. Flowers are an integral part of the décor of a wedding day which also plays a vital role in the storytelling of the day. They add a personal touch and colour to make your day truly special. It would feel incomplete to witness two people unite in love without flowers. Florals have been a focal point for almost every event or wedding combining a sophisticated detail to every setting.


It is important to know how much you are willing to spend on your wedding flowers. As a rule of thumb, couples spend around 10% of their wedding budget on flowers. Some couples will spend less, some couples will spend more depending on scale of event and seasonality of flowers. Whether you dream of a simple arrangement or a more luxury and bespoke on how you want the floral décor to reflect your style, discuss with your florist.


With endless inspiration, creating a mood board is a great way to nail down your wedding vision for your big day. From colour palettes to flowers and centrepieces, your wedding style will set the scene for your entire event and create a cohesive look. Choose a colour palette that will become the foundation for your wedding styling, with an ideal wedding colour palette of three to four colours including accents of neutral tones. Pinterest is a great social media platform to use when designing a mood board. You can start by collecting inspiration and pinning it on your board, flowers, bridal attire, stationary, cake, favours etc. Referring to your mood board throughout your wedding planning journey will guide you for the overall theme of your wedding.


One factor to consider when planning your wedding is the availability of flowers. Knowing what flowers are in season during spring, summer, fall, and winter is a vital step in deciding which flowers are best for your big day. Although some blooms can be sourced all year round, some cannot be obtained. Therefore, once you have an idea of the best flowers in season you can discover something that complements your vision and colour palette. When it comes to choosing your favourite blooms bear in mind, some are expensive than others, such as Peonies or may be harder to obtain. Therefore, I would encourage couples to use what is in season.